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How to book?

#1. Click "Select a Time"

#2. A popup will show you dates & time. Select a time.

#3. Checkout and pay.

***Adding to the cart without completing the payment process does not mean booking the photo studio

***If you want to reserve our studio before 8 a.m or after 12 a.m please write us a letter to this mail -

  • Variety of sofas, chairs and stools.
  • A private restroom.
  • Light and backdrop stands.
  • Clothing racks.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker.
  • Make-up zone.
General Rules

Your rental time includes setting up, breaking down, and clean up, so please factor it in your booking hours. Renter must complete a walk-through at the end of the booking.


There is a 3 min grace period for overtime after which overtime fees will accrue at 2x the hourly rental rate billed in 30 minutes increments if you and any member of your party are still in the studio. You will be billed overtime fees beyond the 3 min grace period with your payment method. There will be NO exemptions to this!

- Nudity is allowed

- Pets are allowed with an extra $70 per pet

- Furniture and decorations may be moved.
We ask you to pick up furniture and not drag. Space needs to be put back to it's original as you received it.

- No nail, drilling into the walls. (blue tape/painter's tape only)

Waiver: Not responsible for any injuries or losses to client/guest.
Renters are responsible for all guests. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

- There is to be absolutely NO SMOKING, smoking in this venue will result in $500 fine. Smoking is not permitted, no exceptions!

- No open flames in the building (sparklers, gas burners, fire pits, torches, grills) decorative (LED) candles are okay.

- Do not leave behind any belongings (we are not responsible for things left behind)

- Selling of Alcohol is prohibited without the proper permit

- Outside catering is allowed

- No college-type parties

- Smoke-fog machine allowed with 1 extra hour of booking (2 hours minimum) Client must stop using the smoke-fog machine 30 minutes before booking time is over! Otherwise, there will be an $85 fee.

- Please be sure to throw away all trash and leave studio clean. There will be a $100 cleaning fee if studio is left in unsatisfactory conditions.